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It’s Not Okay – Week of Action 21-27 September 2015

Next week Project Phoenix will be holding a week of action, marking a year since the start of the “It’s Not Okay” campaign. Phoenix brings together Local Safeguarding Boards across Greater Manchester, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Greater Manchester Police, health, education and social care professionals to tackle the issue of Child Sexual Exploitation – CSE. More information about Project Phoenix and who we are: .

Under the banner Know who your friends are, the focus of the campaign during this year’s week of action is online safety, sexting, and peer on peer exploitation.

Young people sometimes share indecent images of themselves online – commonly known as “sexting”, “cybersex” or “sending a nudie”. They may have been coerced or tempted into sending naked pictures or videos, perhaps to a friend’s mobile, on a web cam, or on social media. These images are often sent onto others and end up being used to blackmail or bully the young person and force them into carrying out other sexual acts or producing more sexual images of themselves.

Sexting can feel exciting, grown-up and fun. It can feel really private too. But sexting is never private. Any images can be saved or ‘screen grabbed’ by the person receiving it – even if young people are using a private network or a temporary message app like Snapchat.

Once a photo is shared online, all control of it is lost and it will be virtually impossible for it to be deleted or recalled. Even if attempts are made to delete the photo, other people may have already shared or copied the image.

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