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Sleep Safe for Winter

Sleeping Safe This Winter!

As part of Bolton’s on going Sleep Safe campaign, the Winter Tips leaflet has been reprinted for 2013-2014. The leaflet offers top tips about sleeping safe for babies and practical advice to help parents.

Winter time can be a difficult time for families due to the cold months and concerns about keeping babies warm enough in the cold weather. The party season can also put additional strain on parents with extra family parties and other events that happen around Christmas that may upset a baby’s routine. The Winter Tips leaflet covers these issues and other sleep safe advice to help make sure that babies sleep safe all through the winter.

  • Remind parents and carers that the safest place for a baby to sleep is on their back, feet to foot, in a cot or Moses basket and in the parent’s room for the first six months

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  • Although it may be cold during the winter it is important not to overdress or overwrap babies as they are at risk of overheating; remind parents and carers to remove outdoor clothing when indoors and not to add extra clothing at night

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  • Covers should not reach any higher than baby’s armpits and only lightweight covers should be used and tucked in with baby sleeping at the bottom of the cot with their feet touching the bottom end of the cot
  • Baby sleeping bags can be used – but no need to add any extra blankets!

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  • Never leave a baby sleeping in a car seat when you come indoors
  • Alcohol is a recognised sleep safe risk factor  – during the festive season encourage parents and carers to always  think about where their baby will sleep and who will look after the baby at night

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  • If parents are using a travel cot for an occasional overnight stay, remind them to make sure the mattress is firm, well-fitting and to follow the sleep safe guidance

Remember-bed sharing with a baby when a parent smokes or has been drinking alcohol increases the risk of sudden infant death.