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Summary of Changes to BSCB Managing Allegations Procedures

BSCB has recently reviewed and revised its Managing Allegations (LADO) Policy, and below is a summary of the key revisions:-

  • Reconvened Strategy Meetings (Para 4.10) – an additional paragraph has been developed to outline the LADO process should any findings be made within a court process
  • Request for minutes of meetings (Para 5.4) – Clarification that any minutes shared may be subject to summary and/or redaction
  • Professional Strategy Meeting (PSM) minutes (Para 6.5) – On legal advice the procedures now require that any minutes of PSM sent out for approval are deleted/destroyed after approval and that only the LADO will retain a full copy of these minutes; where an employer requires a copy for disciplinary purposes then a summarised version can be agreed with and approved by LADO
  • Challenging practice (Para 9.0)  – Clarification of the complaint process and potential next steps by the BSCB
  • Appendix C – New look First Five Minutes A4 poster; this can be cut and pasted into documents

The full policy can be accessed here.