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If you are worried that a child may be being abused or neglected then please take action.




Welcome to Bolton Safeguarding Children Board’s new website

The website has been re-developed with the aim of making it easier to find local resources and information. 

There are three main sections to the site:

  • Children and Young People – this page contains leaflets/information that BSCB produces for children and young people, as well as links to other useful sites
  • Parents and Carers – like the children and young people page this hosts our locally produced information and direct parents/carers to other useful resources
  • Working with Children and Young People – here those working with children, young people and their families will be able to access local resources on key areas – Early Help and Working Together, Child Sexual Exploitation, Child Death Review Processes, Managing Allegations and Multi-Agency Training

In addition to the three main areas, along the bottom of each web-page you will see a number of icons such as Sleep Safe, Private Fostering etc.  These take you to dedicated pages for each of the topics.  One of particular will be the ‘Resources’ icon;  you will be able to use this area to search all the stored documents.

Finally at the top right of every page on the site you will find the red icon below.  Use this if you are worried a child is being abused.

We are keen to hear your thoughts about the site.  You can contact us using the website to let us know if anything is missing, if you have a resource that can help to safeguard and promote the welfare of children or if you have a news article you want to share. 


The launch of the BSCB website also marks Bolton Safeguarding Children Boards adoption of the Greater Manchester Multi-agency Safeguarding Procedures.  The procedures manual has been developed and implemented through the co-ordination of the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership working with Tri.X.  All those working in Bolton should access the manual for the relevant guidance and procedures.

Over the coming weeks BSCB will be working with members of the Safeguarding Executive and others to demo the manual and encourage everyone to make full use of it.


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